Best. Simpsons. Toys. Ever. From Kidrobot

Thursday, August 21 by

Don’t worry, this isn’t going to turn into some nerdy blog where we pine over plastic X-men or anything, but these limited edition Simpsons figures from hipster savior, Kidrobot would definitely look good all over my desk. Of course, $8 seems a little steep for a 3-inch vinyl figure, when it comes to art, I would definitely rather spend my dough on these than some painting.

You can order them from the Kidrobot site, but beware that they come in blindboxes. That means, like with baseball cards, you don’t know what you’re getting and you’ll probably get some doubles if you buy the case on 24. That means the full set is going to cost you well over $300 probably. But, if you’re into collecting useless stuff or you’re just a huge Simpsons fan, then your wallet might be in for a beating. If you’re going to order them, do it soon, since these limited runs don’t usually last wrong. And while you’re at it, grab an extra case for me. Please?

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