Day one's voting is now closed. Click here to check out the standings, and vote for day two's match-ups.

It's time for the Screen Junkies "Best of Westeros" Game of Thrones Tournament! This year, the Iron Throne isn't the only thing the citizens of Westeros have to fight about. Sure, it's good to be the king, but what of the most important contest of all? Of course, I'm talking about a popularity contest.

With both Game of Thrones: Season Two (April 1st) and March Madness (March 15th) just around the corner, we thought it would be fun to combine the two into a winner-take-all March Madness-style bracket to determine the most popular character from season one. Aren't we clever and original? Well, maybe we were somewhat inspired by The Wire bracket over at Grantland. Who's to say?

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Now is your chance to bring democracy to The Seven Kingdoms and decide who can rightfully claim the top spot as the Best of Westeros. Petyr Baelish vs. Jaime Lannister? The Hound vs. The Mountain? Tyrion vs. Jon Snow? It's your choice, so head over to our Facebook page and vote for your favorites as we turn 32 characters against one another. Who ya got?

Day One's Match-Ups...

Voting is closed: Ned Stark (1) wins.

Obviously Ed Stark (1) deserves the number one seed, and should win easily over his youngest son, Rickon (8), who is arguably the least interesting character on the show thus far. I think Ed's severed head had more lines than poor Rickon.

Voting is closed: Robb Stark (4) wins.

Fans of Game of Thrones who have read the books might have an easy time choosing between Robb Stark (4) and Theon Greyjoy (5). But since this tournament is based solely on season one of the show, the two are pretty evenly matched.

Voting is closed: Catelyn Stark (3) wins.

Who's it gonna be? Catelyn (2) is tough as nails and out for revenge. But her daughter Sansa (6), while sympathetic, is as dumb as a box of rocks. Then again, maybe you have a thing for gingers?

Voting is closed: Arya Stark (2) wins.

Arya Stark (2) is one of the most likable characters on the show thus far. And while Brandon (7) is also likable, it's hard to get excited about someone who spends most of his day in bed. Just ask my ex-girlfriend.

Voting is closed: Tyrion Lannister (1) wins.

Tyrion (1) is the odds-on favorite to win the whole tournament, proving once again that everyone loves a whoremonger regardless of his size. So if "The Imp" somehow manages to lose to his father Tywin Lannister (8), a ruthless child murderer, chances are it's the work of some really bored hackers.

Voting is closed: Bronn (4) wins.

Even though Bronn (4) is a unscrupulous sellsword who fights for the highest bidder, he's still slightly more likable than Cersei Lannister (5). Still, this should be a close one.

Voting is closed: Sandor Clegane (6) wins.

I feel Joffrey (3) is the more interesting character, but I'm not sure if people will be able to turn off the hatred and vote objectively, which could send The Hound (6) on to the next round. The boy king is basically the LeBron James of the Seven Kingdoms in that you'll keep watching because you want to see him lose. And by "lose," I mean die a painful death. Am I talking about Joffrey or LeBron? Yes.

Voting is closed: Jaime Lannister (2) wins.

What's it gonna be? A guy who kills kings and screws his sister, or an evil knight who killed his own horse in a fit of rage? I'm not a fan of incest, but I do hate animal cruelty. Decisions, decisions!

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