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The first day of the "Best of Westeros" Game of Thrones Tournament was a predictable one. All of the favorites moved on, with only the match-up between Catelyn and Sansa Stark proving relatively close, although Catelyn still won by more than 100 votes. However, there was one small surprise: While they both lost to their respective challengers, Rickon Stark did pull in three more votes than Tywin Lannister, gaining 11 to his 8. This proves once again that people just don't seem to care for child-murdering war lords. #TywinAndKony2012

With day one behind us, logic dictates that it's time for day two. Today's match-ups feature warriors from King's Landing, The Wall, and even a few exiles and savages from Essos. Enjoy.

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Day Two's Match-Ups...

Voting is now closed: King Robert (1) wins.

What's not to like about King Robert Baratheon (1)? He's fat, he's funny, he's constantly banging whores and leaving them pregnant. Good times for all! Of course, there is the matter of his wife beating, which under normal circumstances is considered "bad." But considering he's married to Cersei Lannister, you should go ahead and give him a freebie on that one. Are you going to give Janos Slynt a freebie for betraying Ned Stark? Probably not.

Voting is now closed: Petyr Baelish (4) wins.

In season one, Grand Maester Pycelle came across as a doddering old fool, at least until we figured out it was all an act, a revelation which added a much more interesting element to the character. Petyr Baelish was interesting to begin with, but his unscrupulous actions are sure to hurt him in a popularity contest like this. Will his charm be enough to overcome his treachery?

Voting is now closed: Syrio (3) wins.

Fans of the books might have a more favorable impression of Renly Baratheon, but fans of the TV show didn't really get to know him. Sure, he tried to help Ned Stark. And sure, he likes banging dudes. But other than that, he didn't get much screen time. Then again, neither did Syrio Forel, but every time he was on screen he was charming. Plus Syrio saved Arya Stark, which should get him some real street cred round these parts.

Voting is now closed: Varys (2) wins.

It's hard to get a read on Lord Varys (2). Is he good? Is he bad? Is the spot where his testicles used to be smooth, or covered over with scar tissue? These are questions that must be left for season two, but there's no denying that Varys is fascinating character. Loras Tyrell (7), on the other hand, pretty much just jousts and gives blow jobs, both of which seem fun, but he'll need more than that to beat Varys.

Voting is now closed: Dany (1) wins.

Daenerys Targaryen (1) is a hot, blonde queen who has her own dragons. Jeor Mormont (8) is a fat old man who has his own crow. Granted, the crow can talk, but still, Mormont's in for some trouble.

Voting is now closed: Jorah Mormont (4) wins.

Jorah Mormont (4) is Knight who was thrown into exile for selling slaves. Not exactly the noblest of pursuits, but he did it for love, so I guess it's OK, right? Uh, yeah. Then there's Viserys Targaryen (5), who is an interesting character. However, he suffers from the same affliction as King Joffrey. By "affliction," I mean everyone hates him and wants him dead.

Voting is now closed: Khal Drogo (3) wins.

You don't f*ck with Khal Drogo (3), unless, of course, you want molten metal poured over your head. But apparently people do f*ck with Benjen Stark (6), since he spent the bulk of the first season missing in action beyond the wall. Today, I expect his supporters to be missing in action, as well.

Voting is now closed: Jon Snow (2) wins.

It's hard to put Jon Snow (2) up against Samwell Tarly (7), mainly because the two are good friends. But I'm also worried that Snow might let Tarly win, just like he did in Night's Watch training.

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