Ben And Jerry’s ’30 Rock’ Ice Cream Flavor Is Wildly Unfun

Friday, February 1 by
Here it is, folks.  

Instead of getting a delightful flavor and punny name to match it, Ben and Jerry’s has done its part in sending 30 Rock off with a whimper, offering up Liz Lemon Greek yogurt, which also contains a blueberry and lavender swirl.


They could have at least slapped a fun name on it like “Good God, Lemon!” or “Lemon Party,” but instead they just apathetically rolled out a character name that happened to have a fruit in the title.

Ultimately, I was hoping that they wouldn’t use the obvious Lemon connection, and go with something a little more offbeat. Like what you ask? There’s a universe of choices out there, but my suggestion is, and always will be:

Werewolf Candy Bar Mitzvah.

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