Who will sign an online petition to bring back "Th Paul Reiser Show?" Who among you will send copies of Babyhood to NBC in a show of support? Who will stand up to this great injustice? Not me. I hear the show sucked.

After just two episodes, NBC canned their low-rated new Paul Reiser sitcom. Panned by critics, the show received the lowest ratings for a debut in NBC history. The show will be replaced with reruns of"The Office." Oh man, remember when Reiser and Helen Hunt were paid $1 million per episode for the last season of "Mad About You?" Yeah, I don't either. So, it's time for Reiser's fallback plan: call Ridley Scott and see if he can get a role in Prometheus. If there's gonna be xenomorphs, why not have a little Carter Burke in there? It's a prequel or something, right? So he hasn't died yet?

...hello? (TheWrap)