In response to Breaking Bad's use of Belize as a, you know, place that you say you sent someone when you really kill them, the Belize Tourism Board has graciously extended an invitation to the cast of the show, presumably in an effort to let people know that it's also a jungle country with breathtaking beaches and scenery (I guess. I'm just saying what I think they would say.)

It's a nice gesture and a good-natured invitation, but the Belize Tourism Board better be EXTRA CAREFUL that nothing happens to the cast of Breaking Bad, or else a) people will think that Belize as a country has a death grip on every incoming tourist and b) that the Belize Tourism Board knew this all along, and the good natured invitation was a sinister way of ensuring that the poorly-kept secret remains tacit.

Either way, Belize! A place that won't kill you, probably.