BBC Sitcom Decides What It Is Missing Is Taylor Lautner’s Presence

Wednesday, February 12 by
This is the face he makes when asked to solve a basic math problem.  

You know when something is almost perfect, but it needs just one tiny tweak? Like when you’re getting a massage on the beach, and you’re like, “Oh, this would just be divine if I was on ecstasy right now.” Well, that’s the line of logic I’m presuming the producers of BBC’s Cuckoo used when they decided that Taylor Lautner would be a welcome addition to their BAFTA-winning show.

Andy Samberg was a regular until his character went missing, then the actor decided to get a steady gig on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. With Samberg gone, the producers locked in on the next funniest actor in America – Taylor Lautner. 

Lautner will play a “mysterious stranger” on the show, just like he does in our dreams.

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