If you're skeptical, then you're probably in the right, as one would think that turning the acclaimed, quirky Coen brothers crime saga into a weekly show is not really all that possible. History is also on your side, as Edie Falco signed on in the Frances McDormand role in 2003, but the Fargo pilot never got picked up.

Nonetheless, FX is moving forward with the undertaking, having signed on writer and Executive Producer Noah Hawley, who didn't find much success with his previous work, My Generation and The Unusuals.

However misguided this project appears to be, it's always fun to guess which of the original cast will sign up for the TV show due to a lack of success since the film, a la Stacey Dash in Clueless. My money is on either Norm, Marge's husband, or the chubby blonde whore. I would view the involvement of either one as a coup.