if you haven't seen this season of Parks and Recreation, and your'e particularly sentsitive to undisclosed plot points of sitcoms, then...get out of here weirdo. If you're ok with learning that Ben, Leslie, Ron, Chris, Anne, and probably Perd Hapley and Joan Callamezzo are all having babies, then please keep reading. Keep reading wither way, cause if you read that last sentence, I just ruined it for you.

Aubrey Plaza joked at a Tribeca premiere that she's been lobbying to get writers to contrive a pregnancy for her seemingly-soulless April Ludgate. And to be fair, I could see why everyone would get a baby before her character did. April's disdain and detachment is funny in the context of herself and lovable Andy Dwyer, but it would be a little hard to see her with a kid.

I mean, we see enough bad parents at the supermarket, do we really need to come across them on Thursday night NBC?

Although she has done a good job with three-legged dog Champion. Now I don't know what to believe!