‘Attack of the Show’ @ Comic-Con

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This afternoon, Olivia Munn, Kevin Pereira, Blair Butler and producers behind G4’s megahit ATTACK OF THE SHOW held court in Room 5AB of the San Diego Convention Center for a little over an hour.  The line to get in looked like it went about half the length of the entire San Diego Convention Center, and we’re willing to bet over 500 people had to be turned away in the end.  Too bad.  Everyone who did get in received a complimentary kazoo and glowstick (more on these later)

Introducing the show was none other than Apple’s "Steve Jobs," and we have his entire 4-minute address here.  Fast forward to the end if you just want a glimpse of Ms. Munn stepping out to her adoring fans.

STEVE JOBS Introduces OLIVIA MUNN & KEVIN PEREIRA – Watch more Funny Videos

The AOTS gang presented a few clips, including a classic one of Kevin and Olivia squaring off in a hot sauce eating contest, based on this little gem.  (SPOILER ALERT: It gave Olivia diarrhea) They also showed a great fake trailer spoofing the Liam Neeson actioner TAKEN, but with Kevin playing Inspector Gadget and Olivia playing Penny.  Penny gets kidnapped by Dr. Claw and… well, Gadget go-go-goes on a killing spree.  The audience ate it up like the fat guy dressed like Skeletor at the Mrs. Fields down in the convention center lobby.  

Other highlights included "one of the largest live group Tweets ever to hit the Twittersphere," where the entire audience was encouraged to send their funniest tweets about AOTS and attach an #aotspanel hashtag to them. 

ATTACK OF THE SHOW w/ Olivia Munn Comic COn Panel – Watch more Funny Videos

Our tweet didn’t even make the top three.  That might have been because we didn’t follow directions.  Or it was because it just wasn’t funny.  We’ll go with the latter.

The winning tweet by audience cheers? Schmaniel’s "AP #aotspnanel I think it just cured my cancer. Nevermind… it’s still there."

This led to the most akward moment of the panel, when "Schmaniel" came up to the front to claim his prize, and it was revealed that he actually, in fact, had cancer.  His shirt read something to the effect of, "I had a brain tumor removed.  How are you?" And for a split second, Kevin and Olivia were noticeably stymied as to how to quip back.  It got even weirder when Schmaniel busted out a piece of this tumor for Olivia to take a look at.  Ever the sport, she did. 

Comedian Doug Benson also showed up at the end of the Q&A to essentially announce that he’ll be doing animated shorts for upcoming episodes of ATTACK OF THE SHOW

And finally, per Kevin Pereira’s request – as we were being kicked out of Room 5AB for running over – was possibly the first ever Comic-Con Nerd Rave.  Here’s a clip: 

ATTACK OF THE SHOW Nerd Rave @ Comic Con – Watch more Funny Videos

More features from Comic-Con Tomorrow, when we check out Fox’s THE CLEVELAND SHOW & Mike Judge‘s EXTRACT!


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