The show hasn't come out yet, but the Seth MacFarlane/Seth Green/Giovani Ribisi comedy has already been screened by some, including the Media Action Network for Asian-Americans, and they don't like what they see.

While Dads doesn't seem to have one big issue, there sure seem to be a lot of little ones, including:

  • reference and depiction of a sexy Asian schoolgirl (fine)

  • an old man referring to Asians as "Orientals" (maybe it's more a commentary on the old man)

  • That same old man warning someone to "never trust the Chinese" (hmmm...)

  • a joke about a tiny Asian penis (ummm...)

So, beyond all that, there's some sort of casual plot that presumably holds all this stuff together. The group is asking that the pilot be re-shot to be less awful towards them, and the producers are claiming that the show will be offensive to EVERYONE, and that Asians were just the first up. Not a super-powerful defense.

Can't imagine that this was the premiere buzz that Dads wanted, so we'll see if they stay the course on this one.