Kelsey Grammer has decided that he isn't content merely tarnishing his TV legacy, but would instead like to cram it full of C-4 explosive and detonate it in a densely populated area, possibly near lots of orphans. There was a time when he was fondly remembered as Frasier Crane on two of America's most beloved sitcoms, "Cheers" and "Frasier", but Grammer has ushered in a new era for which he will be remembered as the producer of several poorly-hatched reality television shows, a la Seinfeld. His new development company is explicitly only working on reality TV, so....(sigh)

Not content with his wife sullying his good name, he decided to take the reins himself, teaming up with Stella Bulochnikov-Stolper, the dead, dead soul responsible for "Paris Hilton's My New BFF". Stolper was quoted as saying in regards to their development of new reality shows, "“I knew that Kelsey loved this space, and would love to pop some big shows." While it's not divulged exactly what they hope to "pop," given Grammer's freakishly large dome, I think there's a natural synergy awaiting with the new Pac-Man reality show. I think that Kelsey Grammer as a big yellow dot is something the whole nation can get behind, and, let's face it, is probably a lateral move after "Hank" and "Back to You." (A.V. Club)