‘Anger Management’ Gets Automatically Picked Up For 90 More Episodes. Yup. 90.

Wednesday, August 29 by
What the fuck are you looking at, Charlie Sheen? 

After exceeding the minimum ratings threshold that kicked in an automatic renewal, Anger Management, a show in which Charlie Sheen plays pretty much his Two and a Half Men character, only sans bowling shirts, has been picked up for a few more episodes.

90 episodes. Which means that it’s already guaranteed to hit the 100-episode milestone required for wide, painful syndication.


To the “credit” of the show, and FX, it has quickly become the highest-rated sitcom on cable, surpassing like Workaholics, Always Sunny, Wilfred, and three others, so it’s probably performing as well as cable will allow it to. Still, it’s a Charlie Sheen TV adaptation of an Adam Sandler film.

Strange times, readers. Strange times.

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