While promoting his new talk show, the effervescently-titled Anderson! (exclamation point mine) on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live, the silver-haired dreamboat said that if he could ban any guest from his new show, he would choose the entire Kardashian clan. This just moments after possible-bastard Khloe tweeted how much she loved Cooper. Rough week for Khloe.

While I appreciate Anderson Cooper's strong anti-Kardashian stance, I take issue with his edict for two reasons. One: The Bravo host specifically asked for only ONE person who would be banned from Anderson! (again, exclamation point mine), but Cooper bent the rules to accomodate his personal politics. You know who else bent rules to accomodate at the convenience of his own beliefs? If you do, please leave his name in the comments for a special Screen Junkies prize.

Reason two: Anderson Cooper is so quick to judge the Kardashian clan over their fame-whoring, which I completely agree with, but refuses to turn the microscope on himself to examine the wrongs he's perpetrating across the country and possibly the world. Namely, he's making honest, Christian straight men go gay with his good looks, nonchalant charm, and terrific wardrobe. Specifically, he's making me question my sexuality, and I'm sure I'm not alone here. (If you count among the straight men going gay for Anderson Cooper, again, put your name in the comments to be eligible for a special Screen Junkies prize.)

I don't want to harp on his any longer than I already have, but Cooper should ban HIMSELF from his new show, Anderson, (my exclamation point omitted because I'm incredibly angry with him right now).