Amy Poehler Reimagines ‘Game Of Thrones’ With ‘Parks & Rec’ Characters

Wednesday, July 10 by

Parks and Recreation star Amy Poehler took a moment to sit down with Time Out New York to talk about the real issues, to really get down to it. The most important question: If her co-stars were on Game of Thrones, which characters would they play?

As a result, her answers have spun Internet gold.

So if the cast of Parks and Rec were dropped into Game of Thrones, who would be whom?

Well, come on, I would be Khaleesi [Daenerys Targaryen], of course. Ben would probably be Jon Snow, because he’s so tormented. Ron would be Stannis Baratheon.

And Tammy 2 would be his Melisandre.

Yes! And Tom would be… Uh oh, I hate to break it to Aziz [Ansari], but Tom would be, like, Theon Greyjoy, which is not good right now. Ann would be Sansa, April would be Arya, and Andy would be one of the dragons. [Laughs] [Time Out New York]

This lead A Storm Of Swansons Tumblr, the Internet’s premiere site for Parks and Recreation/Game of Thrones mashups to quickly make this casting so via the dark magic of Photoshop. You can check them out over at A Storm of Swansons, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t voice my disappointment that there are no images of Jerry as Hodor. Until now.
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