I would say "Set your DVRs for American Bible Challenge on Game Show Network tomorrow night!" but if you are the type of person that watches Bible game shows, then you probably don't own a DVR, so just make sure you're infront of your 1989 Magnavox TV when it airs tomorrow.

(That's right, I implied that enthusiastic Christians are more likely to own outdated televisions. Do your worst.)

The show is pretty much just what it sounds like, as three teams answer questions about the Bible in a family-friendly setting. It's so innocuous and good-willed (they give their winnings to charity) that it's hard to make fun of the show without seeming like a total dick.

But I'll consider that my "Bible Challenge." Here we go...

The show seems to get hit by traffic going both ways, as it's clearly marketed towards Christians, but doesn't get particularly religious out of a fear of upsetting anyone. The show fails to grasp that anyone watching a Bible game show is either a devout Christian that won't be offended by religious overtones or a total masochist, so either way, the show would really be better served by acknowledging, "Hey. You know who really likes the Bible? Overbearing Christians. Let's cater to them."

I'm just waiting for the episode where the smug atheist Religious Studies major runs the board, then gives all his winnings to GLAAD.