Like it's 1994 up in this piece, Jenny McCarthy, the former Singled Out co-host and Playboy Playmate is back in our lives for reasons indeterminate, working on putting together two shows to showcase whatever the hell it is people seem to derive from her.

The first show will air on VH1 and will be called The Jenny McCarthy Show, which, judging by the description, sounds just like Chelsea Lately. Don't believe me? From the press release:
“The Jenny McCarthy Show,” which is still in “early development stages,” will “celebrate as well as skewer everyone and everything in pop culture, news, fashion, TV, movies and the web,” according to VH1. McCarthy will be joined by guest panelists and celebrity interviewees.

See? Chelsea Lately.

Because that show alone doesn't quite meet our RDA of McCarthy, she'll also be hosting a more inspired, but equally dumb NBC reality program called Love in the Wild, in which contestants compete in nature and try to find love among each other.

I'd say something funny, but I'm just not going to watch either one of these shows.