UPDATED: AMC Wants To See Less Of Their Hit Show ‘Mad Men’

Tuesday, March 29 by

UPDATE: AMC has picked up a 5th season of the show.

We were this close to a fifth season of”Mad Men,” but now the negotiations have hit a wall. Though he’s poised to rake in $30 million over the next two seasons, show creator Matthew Weiner isn’t happy with the terms set by AMC. Nor should he be.

The cable channel wants to increase product placement (ugh), trim the run-time of episodes (ugh again), and get rid of two cast members (AW HELL NAH). I know. That’s shocking news. How would Don Draper react?

An insider says, “This is their storied franchise, and they want it shorter and cheaper, with fewer actors and more product integration. The negotiations are about to collapse as a result.” Though reps say that the talks between the camps are continuing, it’s doubtful that the fifth season will be picked up in time for AMC’s April upfronts. Though the network will likely cave, it’s probably a pretty scary time to be the actor who plays Little Bobby. (Deadline)

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