AMC originally stood for American Movie Classics, but in recent years they've become known for producing "classics" of a different sort - quality TV dramas like"Mad Men" and "Breaking Bad." Now they're stretching their brand even further to join the grand tradition of Snooki and "My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancee" - reality TV.

The cable channel has given the green light to two "docu-stories," "Inside the DHS" and "The Pitch." The "DHS" stands for, yes, "Department of Homeland Security." Here's AMC senior VP Joel Stillerman:
"We have incredible access, including working directly with Secretary Napolitano. We're not looking to do an expose of the Department of Homeland Security, we actually want to go in and look into the day-to-day (workings) of the people and what they do to keep us safe."

The second series, "The Pitch," is about the much more important world of advertising (just like AMC's "Mad Men"). Both of these shows sound pretty interesting, especially if AMC is serious about not following preconceived reality show formulas - although it would be kind of funny to see someone get voted out of the Department of Homeland Security. (Deadline)