[post-album postid="221362" item="1"]There's been a lot of silence surrounding Frank Darabont's exit from the top-rated The Walking Dead. Until now.

The Hollywood Reporter lived up to their name today with an in-depth article revealing that Darabont was actually fired by AMC and that the cast have been instructed to remain silent about the matter. Unless they want to be eaten by an extra.
There also have been no public comments from the cast, and a source with knowledge of the situation says AMC has been "terrorizing" them and their representatives to discourage them from speaking out on Darabont's behalf. "They're scared," confirms another insider. "They're on a zombie show. They are all really easy to kill off."

Wow. AMC is really getting a reputation for being villainous and ruthless in their negotiations. Now it makes sense that they have to keep replacing the kid who plays Bobby on Mad Men.