AMC announced today that it has renewed the The Walking Dead for a third season. Considering it's the most-watched cable drama in history, this only counts as "news" in the strictest sense of the term.

Not only has the show set records domestically, but its international roll out has been equally impressive, hopefully quelling some of this off-season's concerns about budget cuts going forward. The word is that AMC took some money earmarked for The Walking Dead and purposed it for Mad Men, which is pretty silly, considering Mad Men doesn't even have awesome zombie characters or gnarly post-apocalyptic sets.

While this announcement ensures the security of the show, nothing has been done to address the continued gripes of fans that the writing and the characters have not improved since the maligned, but successful first season. Perhaps they'll just say, "To hell with it," after news of the renewal and spend more money on zombie action, which is what the people want anyway.