We're about to see a whole lot more of David Morrissey. The man known as The Governor has been cast as the lead in the new AMC pilot Line of Sight, a drama that centers on a National Transportation Safety Board investigator who survives a mysterious plane crash, prompting him to investigate the cause of the accident.

Of course, this means we're now free to speculate considering Morrissey already works for AMC as The Governor on The Walking Dead. The network says he'll be able to appear on both shows, but is this a hint that the Governor's days are numbered? It wouldn't be the first time a major character's fate was revealed via the trades.
This would mark the second time that a casting could potentially predict the future for a character on the top-rated drama. Word leaked during season two of the The Walking Dead that star Jon Bernthal (Shane) had landed the lead role in TNT’s Frank Darabont drama pilot, Mob City. The character ultimately perished in the second season finale and TNT confirmed his casting the following day before picking up the drama to series.

Considering keeping the Governor around for another season just feels like the show's plot development is treading water, let's wish him a swift, painful death and good luck on his new show. And if AMC is going to start letting actors from their programs appear on another shows, can we please get Creepy Glen from Mad Men his own show? That kid's awesome. [THR]