AMC Keeps Its Momentum Going With ‘Line Of Sight’ Sci-Fi Series

Friday, April 26 by
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Not willing to so much as breathe until they have an amazing show in every genre of television, AMC has announced that they’re dipping their toe into sci-fi (no, zombies aren’t sci-fi) with Line of Sight, a series about a man who works for the NTSB, investigating a plane crash.

Oh, did I mention that the plane crash was “MYSTERIOUS?” Because AMC sure did.

In investigating the crash, his life begins to slowly unravel, thus confirming that it is, in fact an AMC show. No news on who the actor playing Lewis Bernt, NTSB investigator is, but I would hazard a guess it will be someone awesome. Perhaps the girl that plays Sally Draper. Everyone likes her!

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