AMC Has Cancelled ‘The Killing’. Again.

Wednesday, September 11 by
Nobody cares.  

After a second round of low ratings, and critical torment, AMC has once again taken The Killing out back to be shot, this time to finish what it started a few seasons ago. I don’t think many will mourn the death of the show, but the fact that a new, better (presumably) show will take its place is heartening.

The Killing aggravated its viewers with a season one ending that didn’t provide the resolution anyone wanted after leading everyone down a road of red herrings, false starts, and painfully obvious throwaway suspects. While things settled down a little over the next two seasons, The Killing came to be known as a show that didn’t live up to its potential.

Rather than continue to dig the show out of its hole, AMC, which hasn’t quite recreated its recipe for success with Hell on Wheels or Low Winter Sun, has decided that it might be best to just clear the space and start over.

We agree.

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