AMC Confuses Itself With TLC For A Minute, Picks Up A Reality Show About Arm Wrestling

Thursday, October 17 by
I bet this guy is like the Jay-Z of the arm wrestling world.  

Don’t get me wrong, I love arm wrestling as much as the next guy (provided the next guy doesn’t care for arm wrestling all that much), but it’s a strange trajectory for AMC, the network behind good shows like Mad Men, The Walking Dead (sorta), and the defunct Breaking Bad, seems to have taken a schizophrenic step with King of Arms, a reality show about regulars on the arm wrestling circuit.

I’m doing myself a disservice by urging readers not to confuse the title with Radiohead’s most recent album King of Limbs, because I think it would be hilarious if people transposed an arm wrestling reality show with a really, really serious rock record.

It’s unlikely this show will take some subversive or odd look at the world, considering the producers behind Deadliest Catch are behind it. But I’m not better than a reality show about arm wrestling, and if it steps in to Low Winter Sun‘s timeslot, then all the better.

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