And they're not even British...

(Well, most of the revolutionaries were British, so let's try it again.)

And they're not even British LOYALISTS.

(Shit. That wasn't deft at all.)

AMC has announced a departure from its lead-balloon heavy programming to bring us a comedy set in colonial times, which should be boffo for my tri-corner hat Etsy shop.

If you want a serious take on it, read it at Deadline here. A nation is curious to see what AMC does with comedy, and exactly how absurd this show is, given the subject matter. Period piece comedies aren't exactly hot these days, so how it plays out is anyone's guess. Is it going to be like the Always Sunny adventure "The Gang Cracks the Liberty Bell," or is it going to be a little more stodgy in its character.

Only time, or a press release, will tell.