"Fire up the grill!" and some more such metaphors! Bob's Burgers will be getting an additional nine episodes in its second season. Fox announced today that, in the wake of Allen Gregory's limp debut, that it will be picking up Bob's Burgers for 22 episodes, rather than the original order of 13, as if to say, "We've already got a whole stable of cartoons with lukewarm audiences, Allen Gregory."

The Jonah Hill-produced Gregory debuted last night between Family Guy and The Simpsons Halloween Special, but failed to rake in more than a 4.7 share, which is apparently a disappointment, even though The Simpsons scored a 4.0 and Family Guy a 3.2.

Huh. Weirdly enough, someone at Fox this morning probably addressed a group sitting around a coffee table and said, "This show isn't drawing enough viewers. We need a show that more people will watch. Like Bob's Burgers."

All hail Bob's Burgers.