Because there are a million reasons why this thing could fall apart at a moment's notice (like if Michael Cera had his tongue removed or something), we feel compelled to sound the "everything is all right" alarm, letting fans of Arrested Development know that production on a 2013 continuation of the series on Netflix is moving forward, with all original stars (Jason Bateman, Will Arnett Jeffrey Tabor, David Cross, Michael Cera, Portia De Rossi, Tony Hale, Alia Shawkat and Jessica Walter) signed on, in addition to the writers.

But what of Carl Weathers? Has he some sort of stew goin'?

Writer Dean Lorey has assured fans (via Huffington Post) that the ball is really rolling on this thing, and that the production team has  "offices and parking spaces."

While that's a good sign going forward, I would still be more concerned about Michael Cera losing his tongue.

*sharpening knife*