The promise of another paintball episode of “Community” is all the awesome we need. Of course, “Community” gives us so much more. This year’s paintball has a western theme, it’s a two parter, and Annie takes her clothes off. Alison Brie confirmed Annie’s scantily clad-ness in a conference call with the media yesterday.

“Well, I think Annie starts out kind of dressed but then she just loses her clothing,” Brie said. “I think she’s a girl who’s been through a lot. When we catch up with Annie pretty much at the beginning of the episode, she’s already been through quite a bit and the clothes were just slowin’ her down. So she had to just let ‘em go. Somehow I don’t think the male viewers are going to have a problem with the costume, even if they’re hardcore western fans.”

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The first round of paintball was very Die Hard inspired, with a little John Woo thrown in. The “Community” writers know their genres, so their western follows the western genre rules.

“It’s different,” Brie said. “The stunts were a bit different. First of all the costumes are extremely different and I think also just because of the types of movies we’re spoofing, our whole attitude and demeanor is much different. You know when you watch a western, things move a bit more slowly and there’s that swagger that you kind of take on. I certainly was wearing a lot less clothing than I usually wear but still sort of taking on that cowboy attitude so that was really fun and interesting, and sort of a different pace.

There’s a lot more I think moments of standstill where it’s just the eyes and fingers tickling your gun as opposed to action action action. Even though there is a lot of action as well, chase scenes as well. It’s a bit of a Tarantino-y type western nod as well so I think you have some of that cool badassery mixed in with the old style western.”

Annie was eliminated early in last season’s “Modern Warfare” so she’ taken measures to hang in there well into the second part of the twofer. “When we catch up with Annie at the beginning of the episode, it’s midway through the paintball wars. She’s been at it now for a little while and she’s been surviving on her own. She’s set up in the science lab her own little secret area with coke cans and strings. She’s got a whole setup there so that she’ll know which direction people are coming from. It’s her little lair. That’ll give you an idea of what Annie’s been up to in the few hours that they’ve been playing paintball. She’s holed up on her own and she’s been trying to do it by herself. I think she was ready. I think maybe she trained a little bit before this next paintball extravaganza. She really wanted to be prepared.”

“Community” airs Thursday nights on NBC.