Exactly how, though, is unclear. Initially, there were rumors that Baldwin was going to slide into the not-so-coveted 1:35 AM slot amid the shifting with the Fallons and the Seth Meyerseseses of the world, but someone was overlooked in this whole mess.

Poor Carson Daly, who has maintained the 1:35 AM slot for a while now, but is easy to overlook because no one watches or remembers that his show is on the air. Well, as it turns out, NBC did finally remember him, probably after one of the execs was showering following the development meeting and simply epiphanied, "CARSON DALY!"

So Alec won't be getting a show on NBC just yet, which may disappoint his legion of podcast fans, but it will probably happen, if only because it's NBC, and this whole mix-up process will start itself over in a year or so.