Alec Baldwin Considering Returning To NBC…To Play A Depraved Mayor

Thursday, July 10 by
Baldwin mulls a return to NBC whilst in a power tie and power suit.  

What does a “depraved mayor” do? Whatever the hell they please! But actually, “depraved Mayor” was my phrasing. What Deadline, which is reporting the story, referred to a role as was “Rob Ford-type mayor.” Meaning that he LOVES crack and speaking about cunnilingus to the media. Either way, to iterate, Alec Baldwin is mulling a return to TV comedy as such a mayor.

Either way you phrase it, count me in. And if there was any question, the city which he would govern would be New York. The Windy Apple.

Now, Baldwin has a few other competing projects, but none are locked down. And as good as he is in films like The Departed, he seemed to have found his real calling in TV, between his 30 Rock gig and SNL appearances. So NBC certainly appreciate the fiber of his fabric. So go there, Alec. Despite your differences. I mean, you’re Alec Baldwin, so you’re likely going to have differences with everyone. Might as well be super funny while you do.


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