A&E Sh*tcans David Hasselhoff

Friday, December 10 by

This sells cola somehow?

Judging from the picture above, David Hasselhoff will do anything. ANYTHING. So it came as no surprise when he scored a reality show on A&E about his attempts to get his daughters easy gigs in show business. Now the network has pulled the show after only two episodes. Keep in mind that this is the channel that has found success with a show about raiding storage units. “The Hasselhoffs” pulled in such bad ratings that the network was forced to yank the remainder of the series. 718,000 viewers tuned in for the first episode, and 505,000 for the second. We don’t know what percentage of those viewers are German.

Still, two episodes seems harsh. At least promote the show enough so that it can find its audience. Perhaps ratings could have been driven up with a crossover episode with Intervention.” Missed opportunity right there. (Deadline)

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