Looks like all of that free stuff wasn't really that free. ABC is going to get P-A-I-D for "Oprah's" May 25th finale. Ad buyers are charging $1 million per 30-seconds of ad time when Opes says goodbye to viewers in her send-off episode. And that all depends on placement in the show. It's likely that some slots could cost even more.

Seems especially steep for a daytime program considering prime-time finales for shows like "Lost," "The X-Files," and "Cheers" all commanded less than a million. And what strain will this put on Oprah's advertisers? The good folks at Activia are just trying to sell affordable yogurt that will prevent us from shitting our pants while waiting in traffic. Also, they're trying to keep Jamie Lee Curtis in jazzy pantsuits. Are we to just let America's Scream Queen walk around looking like a commonplace pauper? (THR)