At the risk of sounding sensationalist...ADULT SWIM IS TAKING OVER THE WORLD. (They're not really, but they have become something of an unlikely juggernaut with younger viewers.)

First off – for whatever reason, it appears that Cartoon Network and Adult Swim, despite being on the same channel, are two different networks. Which is weird, but kind of makes sense. Cartoons for kids 'til evening, then the weird stuff.

However, while Cartoon Network loses its battle against Disney and Nickelodeon, Adult Swim is taking out far more mainstream competitors in getting to teens and young adults. As such, AS has taken CN's 8 PM hour to do with it what they will.

No word on what AS will do with the hour, but it will probably be Tim Heidecker staring at you cross-eyed while oatmeal slowly oozes out of his mouth. Because that's what the kids like.