For a throwaway gag originally aired on a 15-minute web series, Adult Swim has to be happy with the performance of NTSF:SD:SUV. If they weren't, then why the hell would they renew it for a second season?

The crime drama/procedural spoof starring Rebecca Romijn, Martin Starr, June Diane Raphael Paul Scheer, and Kate Mulgrew has offered a substantial return on its admittedly cheap investment, adhering to the sensibility that has made Adult Swim the success that it is today. According to TV By The Numbers, NTSF has posted "solid" growth and ratings. Anything "solid" is probably an unmitigated success when dealing with a demographic consisting largely of stoners and insomniacs.

The series will shoot season two some time in early-mid 2012, offering the writers plenty of time to watch 24 so that they can make fun of it a lot more.