Kristen Schaal who has gained a following from The Daily Show, Bob's Burgers, Flight of the Conchords, and 30 Rock, boasts an impressive comedic resume. But can she carry a show? Or does her schtick hit the same note too often? Aubrey Plaza comes to mind.

Well, no one cares what I think, because Schaal is getting a show anyway that she's writing with her husband, Rich Blomquist,and starring in. It will be called American Monster, and will put Schaal's character in the defendant's chair for the trial of the century in a small town.

It doesn't sound terribly funny, but that will likely work out to the show's benefit, as audiences would have a hard time believing Schaal is a regular person, with friends, that hangs out in New York and drinks coffee and craft beer and dates.

THAT would be ridiculous.