‘A Visit From The Goon Squad’ Is Going To Visit HBO

Wednesday, April 20 by

It looks like HBO might get its hands on yet another intriguing series. Jennifer Egan, author of A Visit From The Goon Squad, has been tapped by HBO to give her work the serial treatment. The story follows 80’s punk rockers over the next 30 years or so as they see their worlds, and the world at large, grow and change.

Her work sounds perfectly suited to the HBO series treatment, as it is ambitious, complex, and genre-transcendent. Coincidentally (or not) Egan claimed “The Sopranos” as her biggest influence when she accepted the Pulitzer for work. Apparently Egan had been eyed by HBO before she won the prestigious award, but they just closed on the deal today.

Pulitzer source material + HBO = long line of actors that would want to sink their teeth into these roles. With a standard show, there would remain the matter of finishing the script(s) and getting the series picked up, but this isn’t TV. It’s HBO. Expect casting news soon. (Deadline)

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