A Lengthy And Insightful History Of…The Cosby Sweater

Tuesday, February 19 by

Long before you and your friends were vacationing in the land of tacky woolen garments with ugly sweater holiday parties, Bill Cosby was…the Coz was LIVIN’ there, man.

Cosby, who is now known to a younger generation who wore ugly sweaters, ate Jello Puddin Pops, and said things like “zip-zap-zoodle” a lot, was a pioneer of a certain type of sweater that rappers and athletes took a step further with the equally-butt-ugly Coogi sweater.

Such gratuitous ugliness actually came about due to two practical concerns: Cosby liked to be comfortable on set, and he was frequently the subject of close-ups, which would reveal wardrobe inconsistencies when using two different takes. Seeing as how Cosby sweaters are pretty much magic-eye puzzles that completely disorient the most astute of viewers, they served to mask the jump.

Also, they are colorful and ridiculous. There’s much more to the (great) story here. (via The A.V. Club)


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