‘Dexter’ Season Five Killer Details

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The season four finale on Dexter knocked the wind out of us and made me want to punch John Lithgow (something I swore I’d never do). Though it also served to reinvigorate a slumping storyline. So we were more than eager to chat with executive producer Sara Colleton when we caught up with her on the red carpet at PaleyFest 2010. If you’re not caught up on the series, stop reading now as there are SPOILERS AHEAD. Here’s what she told us we can expect in the new season.

Dexter’s not really one to wear his heart on his sleeve. What can we expect as he learns how to grieve?

He is going to have to deal with a lot of feelings that he’s never felt before, so it’ll be interesting. He’s going to approach it all, we hope, in a way that is unique and feels authentic to the audience. You’ll see him go through all of those things and it will be different. I don’t want to telegraph exactly what we’re going to do because we want to present what anyone would be going through in that situation in a very unique Dexter-like way.


Dex no doubt feels a great level of guilt now that his secret life has directly harmed his loved ones. How will this guilt affect the tone of the season?

We hope that every year reflects the accumulative emotional experience of previous years. So it’s not as if every year we start with tabula rasa and go through the same beats. So what he’s gone through or the way we ended season four is such powerful emotional gut-wrenching thing for anyone to go through. But for Dexter particularly for two reasons. A, where is his responsibility in Rita’s death and B, has he put his child in a situation that mirrors his own origin as a deeply unhappy person who is too damaged to change?

You’ve always cast wonderful adversaries but John Lithgow had such an amazing turn. Where do you go from Trinity?

We’re trying to write really brilliant adversaries that require brilliant actors so we will hope to get a piece of great casting.

Is Dexter’s suburban life going to come to an end?

It’s going to be harder to maintain because it will be a process, but without a wife and without a reason to be in the ‘burbs, is Dexter meant for the ‘burbs? We’ll see. We feel it’s a tremendous opportunity because we sort of went down an avenoe of human behavior as far as he could go before it became dead ended really.

Will we see Julie Benz again? In flashbacks or in the same way Harry visits Dexter?

I think it’s very important that the show and everyone in Dexter’s life explores and shows the loss of Rita. Bringing her back in a flashback or visionary way sort of steps on our use of Harry. We want to be very, very specific about that and not get gimmicky because it becomes too much of a device.

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