Earlier this week, it was announced that stand-up comedians Rosanne Barr and Sinbad will each star in their own reality show. In Barr’s new series, the comedian and former sitcom star will leave Hollywood behind in order to run a 40-acre macadamia-nut plantation in Hawaii. I have no idea why she's doing that, but if it's not exciting enough for you, “Sinbad’s Family Affair” will focus on Sinbad and his genetic offspring, giving viewers a rare behind-the-scenes look at a comedian they've thought was dead for over a decade.

Since most reality TV is dominated by annoying housewives and New Jersey gutter skanks, I suppose Rosanne and Sinbad count as big names. Even so, who wants to watch this dreck? I don’t dislike Rosanne or Sinbad, but I’m not going to spend 30 minutes of my life on them when I have access to Netflix and free Internet porn. If basic cable really wants to gain some viewers, why don’t they give a reality show to more interesting stand-ups? Here’s a list of nine comedians who deserve their own reality shows.

Larry David

For years, we’ve been watching Larry David’s “life” unfold on “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” And while it’s not intended as a documentary, it’s shot in a way that makes viewers feel as if they’re actually watching a day in the life of the neurotic comedian. So, how different is Larry’s real life from what we see on “Curb?” A reality show is the only way to find out.

Don Rickles

Don Rickles is one of the greatest insult comics of all time. Also, he’s getting really, really old. Since people tend to get meaner in their old age, I imagine Rickles must be on top of his game. Hopefully we’ll find out soon, since I doubt he’ll be around much longer.

Lisa Lampanelli

Based on her stand-up, Lisa Lampaneilli’s life consists mainly of having sex with black dudes. Pair her up with Ray J or Flavor Flav, and you’ve got yourself another hit show for VH1. Plus, her reliance on racism might win some bigots who normally wouldn’t tune in. It’s win, win.

Gilbert Gottfried

With his loud, annoying voice and penchant for off-color jokes (If Greg Giraldo is cremated, will that be the "Greg Giraldo Roast"?), Gottfried would make for some really interesting reality TV. Although, I doubt it would be as interesting as his life as depicted in the above clip. After you’ve discussed frog legs with Kermit T. Frog, everything else pales in comparison.

Michael Richards

Last time someone chronicled Michael Richards’ stand-up career, it made national news. Just imagine if there were professionals involved, instead of some dude with a flip phone. I’m not sure which network would be the best fit, but I’m think more “CMT” than “BET.”

Doug Benson

I’d estimate that half the people watching your average reality show are probably stoned out of their minds. How else can you explain their continued popularity? As such, why not give Doug Benson his own show. He has television experience from “Best Week Ever,” and since half of his routine is about pot, he’d connect with the audience in a way that only a guy who obsesses about McGriddles really can.

Steven Wright

Steven Wright’s bizarre observations and unique style have been wowing audiences for decades. But the real question is how does his deadpan delivery translate into an everyday interaction, like picking up a prescription at the pharmacy? Yes, watching a guy with a monotone voice take a trip to the drug store might sound boring, but like I said, they just gave Rosanne Barr a show about working on a nut farm. Don’t try to tell me that is somehow more interesting.

Jim Norton

Norton is a fixture on Opie and Anthony, and has been featured on “Lucky Louie” and “The Tonight Show.” So why not give him his own show? He’s hilarious, insightful, and he never starred in Jingle All the Way or She Devil. OK, fine, he was in Furry Vengeance, but he wasn’t the star.

Jim Gaffigan

Jim Gaffigan has a knack for putting a hilarious spin on the mundane. And since there's nothing more mundane than a reality show about somone's day-to-day life, following Gaffigan around with a camera would be pure gold. After all, this guy made a career out of talking about manatees and Hot Pockets. He was born for this.