7 Reasons We Think Kirk Cameron Is Insane

Monday, March 5 by

He’s Radically Pro-Banana

As he does with most pursuits, Kirk Cameron was totally wrong when he stood by his brother from another mother, Ray Comfort, as he theorized that the banana is proof of God’s existence. For a couple of fellas so invested in creationism, they should realize that the banana is a product of generations of natural selection. He also asserts that the banana has a tab on it for E-Z peel opening. If so, someone better get that message to the chimpanzees. They look ridiculous opening it the nerd way from the bottom.

He Fired Julie!

In a move that would actually be considered pretty pimp if he weren’t such a pray-head, Kirk Cameron actually had his love interest, Julie McCullough, fired from Growing Pains. No, not because she wouldn’t put out, but because she valiantly showed her boobs to Playboy. For visual reference of how crazy this move was, here’s a picture of Julie.

Writers then replaced her with a new character played by Chelsea Noble. That actress would later go on to become Cameron’s wife. So… maybe there is something to the putting out theory?

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