Glee creator Ryan Murphy has re-teamed with Brad Falchuk for a new FX pilot, "American Horror Show." While this marks the second time the team is working with the network ("Nip/Tuck" being the first), this time around, they are being very tight-lipped about the subject matter. In fact, FX has refused to even release info on the show's plot. As such, they have left us no choice but to come up with our own predictions about the show's content. Here are nine possible plotlines.

  • A sexy look at the hard-partying life and times of H.P. Lovecraft.

  • A family of East Coast serial killers adapts to life in Midwest suburbia.

  • True-life tales from the guy who gets paid to drain Rosie O'Donnell’s many abscesses.

  • Two plastic surgeons lose their licenses and end up teaching music at a loca high school.

  • Rocky Horror Picture Show fans must come to terms with the fact that the film they love just isn't that good.

  • A deranged lunatic places toilet cams in an Arby’s restroom at The Mall of America.

  • Writer Frad Balchuk plots the murder of his limelight-hogging writing partner, Mrian Burphy.