5 Reasons Fox Won’t Cancel ‘The Simpsons’

Tuesday, October 4 by

We’ll Be Left With Too Much Seth MacFarlane

The writing on the show has slipped but it’s still a nice distraction from the tapestry of crass, random references Fox airs throughout the rest of its Sunday night animated block. Also, it’s nice to have one option that doesn’t require hearing Seth MacFarlane‘s voice. Though it does have a unique, velvet-like smoothness to it, enough is enough.


The cast has offered to take a 30% cut in wages in exchange for a small piece of the show’s back-end earnings brought in through syndication and merchandising. As it stands now, the cast earns $8 million per season. 30% of that is over $2 million, which means the network is making billions of dollars from the program. Are they really willing to throw away that revenue stream?

Dan Castellaneta’s Mafia Ties

Maybe he’s mobbed up, or maybe he isn’t. The one thing that is certain is that he can afford to have anyone disappeared (been awhile since we’ve seen Üter). Do the suits at Fox really wanna tempt fate?

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