Note to self: If ever interviewing 2 Broke Girls creator Michael Patrick King, don't railroad him with questions like, "Why do you suck so bad?" He doesn't respond well to that.

Vulture has the lowdown on today's TCA panel with King where things took a turn. As the creator of this season's hottest new show, King was excited to meet with the press and soak up their accolades. Unfortunately for him, today is not Opposite Day.
During his roughly 30-minute session with scribes, King was barraged with a slew of questions focusing on the show's use of caricatures and suggestive language.

But when HitFix's Alan Sepinwall tried to explain to King that there were some in the room, including him, who felt the great parts of 2 Broke (the relationship between Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs) were being weakened by the not-so-great parts (the Sexist Chef), King simply turned his back to Sepinwall (and a handful of other reporters) and walked away.

The questioning again shifted to the ethnic stereotypes on the show, and eventually, King exploded. "I'm gay!" he said, adding that he found "it comedic to take everyone down."

How embarrassed those bulldog reporters must have felt when they learned that the well-dressed director of Sex and the City is gay. He should have been more upfront about his license to sass.