[post-album postid="210656" item="5"]The new CBS comedy 2 Broke Girls stars Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs as waitresses trying to pay their rent and saving up for their own business. Sex and the City creator Michael Patrick King created the show with Whitney Cummings, so of course the media wants to compare Broke to Sex. King explained the difference to the Television Critics Association in a dude-friendly way.

“That show and this show are completely different DNA,” King said. “Everyone is saying that there are so many girl shows, like they’re all the same show. Whenever there’s a character in a book that’s female, they call it chic lit. 2 Broke Girls is like the evil twin of chick lit.”

Max (Dennings) and Caroline (Behrs) should be girls who guys like. They won’t be obsessing over designer brands or dream weddings. “Carrie Bradshaw in her closet was Narnia. We played with reality fantasy. Those girls had relationship checklists. These girls barely have checks.”

Caroline is a former rich girl whose father got caught in a ponzi scheme, so the family lost everything. King pointed out that just specifying dollar amounts makes 2 Broke Girls kind of a TV first.

“We also liked the scary dynamic of talking about money on TV. There’s rarely sitcoms where they say what something costs, including the rent. The artifice of doing a show in front of an audience is already false enough because you never even turn around. The idea that we would try to do that show and actually deal with rent and numbers and say numbers [is realistic].”

2 Broke Girls premieres this fall on CBS.