In news that will surprise no one that spends any time on the internet, Charlie Sheen's new internet streaming video thing "Sheen's Korner" (why is it spelled with a 'K'??) had well over 100 thousand viewers on the streaming website UStream at its peak. The hour-long show consisted of Charlie and his krew riffing and taking part in poorly planned "comedy" segments like "Wish They Were Me” and "Winning News."

Sheen also repeatedly hinted at the terrifying notion that "Sheen's Korner" could return on a weekly or even daily basis, depending on the response. I dunno if this will end up counting as part of "the response," but I don't see a lot of potential for future entertainment in "Sheen's Korner." Especially since he just kept repeating his various catchphrases like "winning" over and over, and even went so far as getting it tattooed on his wrist. Wristing! (via The Hollywood Reporter)