‘Sesame Street’ Heads for China; Elmo Was Red All Along

Thursday, December 16 by

It’s been said that only Nixon could go to China. Well tell that to Big Bird, bitch.

The “Sesame Street” gang (not to be confused with the Gang of Four) has cut a deal that will eventually see a Chinese version of the show broadcast across the country, targeting the nation’s estimated 87 million children. Let a hundred flowers bloom.

Now, my first instinct was to make a joke about Big Bird hanging in a Chinese butcher shop window, or maybe something about Oscar the Grouch being sent to a reeducation camp for subversive thought. But instead, I’ll take the high road by avoiding stereotypes.

In the new show, set to air each day at 5:30 pm, a new, Chinese Sesame Street character—a martial arts expert Muppet called Tiger Lily–will join Big Bird and Elmo.

Damn it! You’re not making this easy, China. (THR)

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