"The Amazing Race" is considered by many to be the best reality TV game show on television, as it takes teams of players and sends them on a race around the world to accomplish a wide variety of tasks and try to win it in the end. While seeing amazing places all over the globe and solving missions together is incredibly entertaining, the most interesting aspect of the show is the dynamic within each team. What do they do to try and win and how do they handle the inherent stress that comes with traveling so much? Check out some of the top "Amazing Race" teams listed below, so you know what seasons of the show to watch and who to root for.

Gus and Hera. From Season 6, this headstrong daughter and dad who was a lazy ex-CIA agent were incredibly entertaining even though they only lasted 6 episodes. While the daughter was constantly trying to hurry up and win, the dad would rather just relax and look at the world around him.

Brian and Greg. These tough brothers were in Season 7 and went through an outrageous number of things to try and survive that season's "Amazing Race." They crashed in Botswana and had to run past the finish line to keep from being eliminated. They wore every bit of clothing they had when they were worried about losing all of their clothing. They were good, funny fun characters who only lasted 7 episodes total.

Ken and Gerard. A weird pairing of brothers in the 3rd season made for excellent comedy and characters. One was a button down accountant, the other was a flamboyantly gay guy who was incredibly outgoing. You couldn't have a more perfect reality TV match. They almost won, finishing 3rd.

Jon and Al. Literally professional clowns, Jon and Al were just constantly entertaining, as it was in their nature to be that way. There were always stunts that were funny and positive bickering. They finished fourth in the fourth season of the show.

Rob and Amber. This outrageous, attention hungry couple had already won money on "Survivor" and were also in seasons 7 and 11 of "The Amazing Race," so they must have been doing something right for the producers in their reality show auditions. They finished second in season 7 and then finished fourth in a shocking finale in season 11.

Danny and Oswald. These guys were just naturally funny in seasons 2 and 11, throwing out great one liners and always having a good time. They finished in fourth place in both seasons, but really seemed to enjoy themselves, which is all it should really be about anyway.