Why In The Hell Are These 5 TV Shows So Popular?

Wednesday, February 8 by


What I think I know about Rob: A lot, because I have written about it for Screen Junkies. It follows Rob Schneider’s character in semi-biographical fashion as his character marries into a feisty Latino family.

What Rob is actually about (from Wikipedia): The series follows Rob (Rob Schneider), a former life-long bachelor and landscape architect, who marries into a close-knit Mexican-American family.

My reaction: Nailed it!

Why it is popular: It’s on after Big Bang Theory, which is the highest-rated show in America. I could use my camera phone to record a video of me clubbing seals soundtracked by Roxette’s “She’s Got the Look” and it could crack the top twenty if it had Big Bang as a lead-in.

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