Who Should Play ‘The Walking Dead’s’ Governor?

Friday, February 3 by

Frank Grillo

Frank Grillo‘s movie career is heating up, which means now would be the right time to get him. A high profile role like this could build him a solid fanbase. Of course, this role is very different than the thug parts he’s used to playing, and he might be a little too pretty. But isn’t that the appeal of The Walking Dead? It’s a show that likes to break expectations and stand apart from the comic. Or at least it did with Frank Darabont on board. We’ll see where it’s headed later this month.

Ian McShane

If anyone’s going to proclaim himself the leader of a small society and abuse it for his own financial and sexual gain, it’s Ian McShane. He might be a few decades old for the part, but this casting would add some pretty intriguing layers to the character. If this were another network, I could easily see this happening.

Mark Pellogrino

He’s played the bad guy or mysterious guy on every other genre show. May as well give him a crack at this too.

In summation, producers will likely go with someone not on this list and blow all of our minds with the casting. Frankly, they should go with that dude Brad who was my fifth-grade bus driver. He and the Governor are like twins separated at birth.

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